Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

My son-in-law is an avid rock collector and has built many things from the rocks he collects. The fireplace is one of the first things he built about eight years ago, using some smooth river rocks.

Last year my daughter and S-I-L took out a dining room window and added french doors. This opened up the unused side yard. Last month they painted the fence an array of colors that reminded them of Mexico. The trip to Rocky Point is only about four hours from our homes. Being so close, it has been a popular vacation spot for "Zonies". The kids go down a few times a year. I stopped going after a skin cancer scare changed my attitude about lying around on the on the beach, soaking up rays. I miss it, as it was one of my most favorite things to do for many years! It's not a matter of just wearing sunscreen. I just shouldn't be out at all. Living in Arizona makes it difficult to avoid exposure to the sun.

My S-in-L has many buckets of rocks of all sizes and shapes. After my daughter and S-in-L painted all the sections of the block wall shown above, they decided to put rocks on the pilasters. Both my daughters, S-in-L and I finished the nine pilasters in one afternoon! The french door that leads out to this side yard retreat is surrounded by Honeysuckle vines. In the retreat area, Bougainvillea, as well as Hibiscus plants in many colors (My Son in law's favorite plant) surround the wall. It is a great place to hang out, and smells heavenly in the spring.


Julie said...

WOW...this is an incredible outdoor space!!! WOW...I want a backyard area like this...right now!!! LOLOL. I wish!!!

Aiyana said...

They've done a great job on the side yard. Do they have those little lights in the trees? That would make it wonderful at night!

Claude said...

I love it when people make outdoor spaces their own! This is a very cheerful space.

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana- they do have lights around the trees. It is beautifu; at night!

Julie-- My back yard is about that same size!

Claude- SIL is going to build another fireplace where the chemnia is now.

Suzanne said...

This is so beautiful! I love the colors they chose. What a wonderful little oasis!