Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Evening Stroll

I just noticed the Coots have come back. A few were hanging out around the spray fountains. Soon, the sidewalks will be covered with Coot droppings. This is a yearly nuisance, and all the elaborate planning by the HOA did no good in getting rid of them.

My garden is in transition right now and it is pretty boring, so I'll take you on my evening walk around the lake. I live right across from the boat dock on the other side of the lake. I wanted to get a photo of the sunset, but I didn't judge the time right and just missed it.

This is our only hope found in these troubling times.


Claude said...

What a nice lake! There's a very small pond in the park near here, inhabited by some very bad-tempered geese, but I've never had to deal with coots.

Aiyana said...

Are you going to have winter grass around the lake this year? If not, it won't be as pretty, but at least you won't be sliding in coot droppings!

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana- The grass is greening! It only takes a few days to turn. I just seeded my lawn- should be green next week!