Thursday, October 16, 2008

Squirrel Visit Plus...

Every day for two weeks, this grey squirrel would run across the yard and jump into my potted nasturtium seedlings. This photo is the best I could get as I took the picture through a screened window so as not to disturb the squirrel. He would nap there for a few minutes and then hop out and look around--then run to the neighbor's yard.

These are the only nasturtiums that that survived the squirrel assault! I'm not sure what happened, but he hasn't been around for awhile. This is the first grey squirrel that I have ever seen in this region. They are not common in the desert. We have prairie dogs that are more like rats or miniature gophers, but no squirrels. I wonder if the grey squirrel was an import.

The Orange Jubilee is full of wasps and bees! They are having a hard time landing as the wind has been blowing pretty hard the past two days.

My Stocks are up and blooming! I didn't plant anything unusual again this year. I never order soon enough and never get to a good nursery to browse. Anyway, I know these will look good throughout the fall, winter and then last until May! I love them because the look and smell so good.

The Yellow Bells are abundant with flowers and are also full of bees, but the wasps didn't seem to take to the Yellows like they did the Orange.

The Petunias are looking good. A couple more weeks and everything will be in full bloom! Sweet peas are about 2 inches high and a few other seeds are sprouting. I'm not sure yet what they are. Remember, I like to be surprised! The winter rye grass will be lush and green by next week---Life is good once again. The weather is perfect, the swing swings nice , and I ordered a month's supply of NutriSystem meals. If I could just lose weight this won't matter to me who is President or how much taxes we will have to pay! Well, I'm going to rethink that one--I don't think skinny would make me like tax increases.


Claude said...

I love watching squirrels. I can never figure out exactly what they're up to. We have the red ones here... the plants look great. It seems strange that you're just planting these now though, here we're dealing with a last burst of growth and bloom before winter sets in. As much as I love my cactus, I don't think I could deal with the climate that produced them!

Hawk woman said...

Had a gray squirrel at my bird feeder twice. Never saw him before in the 18 months I have been up here!

Julie said...

That cute little squirrel made me think of one today that was up on the telephone wires just so sweetly scurrying down the line!!!
All your flowers look great!!!!!