Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stressing and Partying

We celebrated the last three family birthdays for the month of September Saturday night. Every weekend for the last two months we have been combining parties! There are eleven birthdays in August and September, which represents about 80 percent of my immediate family! (I'm not one of them.) Having a cake won't do; we have parties ! This time I was chosen to make make a German Chocolate cake and vanilla cupcakes. We went out to eat and all had a great time! We celebrate ALL holidays with lots of food and plenty deserts. Maybe this is why I always have to think about going on a diet!

Things are moving slowly on all my repairs. Granite for the counter top will be the first thing installed. The deck is next. Wednesday it will be torn into to assess the damage. This month certainly has been stressful! I'm just too old and lazy to have to have to deal with it all. My swing was delivered and sent back, all within three days! It just was not what was advertised! My blood pressure has been high for the passed two weeks from it all, but...still so much to be thankful for.

Wedding and shower plans for my Granddaughter are going smoothly, dress bought and being slightly altered, hubby mending after a couple trips to ER, friend cancer free after six chemo treatments, sister making our fall plans for all the house and garden tours, I am still able to look for a swing, and SOON, the weather will cool off! Come to think of it, things can't get any better than this!


Aiyana said...

You guys must be Virgo/Libra types for some reason. Does this include in-laws? Usually like types don't usually marry someone of the same sign.

Julie said...

I hope your hubby is OK!!!

I have been eating more with all of the negative news lately!!! Lots of carbs! I know what you are talking about in regard to thinking about the next diet!!!

Julie said...

You know I am looking at this cake and wanting some right now! We have this amazing cuban restaurant right down the street who sells cakes (delicious ones) by the slice! I think I will drive down in the rain and get a slice! Thanks for the idea! LOL :)
P.S. I am drinking a hot chai tea right now, and it is cool and raining out...just a wonderfully relaxing day here! Hope your day is wonderful too!