Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings

Each evening my two daughters , granddaughter and I walk around our two community lakes. It is still pretty hot and I only walk one 1-1/2 mile lake now. As soon as it cools off, I will finish the second lake with the kids. Yes, I am blessed with having my children and all my grandchildren living within 3 blocks of my home.

About half way home the sun is almost setting . The mountain in the back ground will be destroyed for the shopping center. Not sure how much will be gone.....doesn't make much sense.

I pass by this pygmy date palm on my nightly walk and I will soon be on the hunt for some fresh picked dates. The dates on the pygmy tree are not edible. I will gain 8 lbs. during the two weeks I binge day and night on the dates! I always buy enough to freeze for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, come Thanksgiving, not one left! It doesn't take them very long to thaw out and anyway, they taste just as good cold. I admit I have a problem but I really don't have a desire to fix it. It only happens twice a year--fig and date season- well maybe more-soon after the date binges comes the pumpkin pie season. That last 2 months..... I just finished the "one a day" watermelon season. They have been expensive this year, costing $5 to $6 each. It is a good thing I never took up drinking--I may have been a raging alcoholic!

Over the years a lot of my binge seasons have disappeared--glazed donuts--ice cream--premium chocolate pinwheel cookies that are available only from March through October. They melt on the shelves. I'm not sure why my addiction to sweets has finally left me. Maybe I replaced it with gardening? Or just maybe Ecclesiastes 3-6, 'to everything there is a season'. It is just time to let some things go.

This neighborhood Ocotillo has kept its leaves throughout out the summer. This is one the best specimen in the neighborhood! Over the years I have planted two--they only lasted a couple years. This Ocotillo is 10-15 years old. I pass by it each day--it almost seems like mine!


Julie said...

Oh P Duck- you are so lucky to have your children so very close! Beautiful.

I love your neighborhood Ocotillo! Wish I could have one here, but I do not think I could keep one going with our high humidity! I bet it is gorgeous when it blooms!

Suzanne said...

You are so fortunate to have family close by. My kids are spread out from California to Washington D.C. and everywhere in between! ;o)Wish they were closer. Love the photos of your lakes and neighborhood.