Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Swing on the Way

We had a rain/wind storm a few nights ago, and it left a lot of destruction around the area.

This is what's left of my beloved swing. It is a goner, the top frame is bent and the cover torn. I found it the next morning at the side of my house along with a few upturned cactus in containers. The grape ivy vine shown in the first photo covered most all the wall. We cut it back to 18 inches and covered the exposed roots. Hopefully it will recover. The good news is I will be getting a new swing for my 32nd anniversary!

I can't even imagine the destruction Gustav has created. It certainly makes my damage seem minor.

Today, not a cloud in sight! All is peaceful on the lake at dawn.

This is progress here, shaving down of a couple mountains to make way for a shopping center.

Another shopping center one mile away is planned, and a much larger mountain is to be demolished! There are miles and miles of flat land nearby, but that would take less work and would make too much sense to build there. Plus, the other one will be built directly across the street from a grammar school. It's just odd how they decide these things. I really hate seeing hills and mountains demolished for a few stores.

It will be nice though to be able to walk to a grocery store.............


Julie said...

Hmmm..interesting about the tearing down of mountains to build shopping centers! I did not realize these things happened...seriously. Why not just build up a little on the mountain or at the base? Weird. I guess I am naive!

Congrats on your new swing to come! And happy anniversary!!!!!
Sorry for your damage. Glad it can be salvaged!

Claude said...

Wow! you did have a bit of a blowout didn't you? Ah well, any excuse to redecorate. Still waiting for our weather, been blowing like a demon here, but not one drop of rain yet.

Aiyana said...

Do you have that new swing? It's really still too hot to sit and watch the world go by, but good days are getting closer!

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana- no new swing yet- spending my time looking for a dress for the upcomming wedding! Decluttering the patio and will look soon!