Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turtle Tales

This was taken Sunday at the Desert Botanicl Garden--Last month the fruits were a purple color, and they've darkened to an almost maroon red. I love this color the best. Some people burn off the glochids on the fruits and feed them to their pet turtles. Maybe I should try that sometime!

Turr Tull is not eating. This time of the year he spends his time looking for a mate. He won't take the time to eat or sleep! He roams the property day and night. He bangs his shell on the side of the house--always at the same place. He scratches on the back door--and if I let him in he will search through the whole house. I am up most of the night and Turr Tull can't sleep either. Once we brought home a mate for him but Turr Tull hated her! They would hiss and bite each other on the neck. They fought and chased each other for two days. We finally separated them and found a home for the new one.

We tried once more and brought home another one-- made sure it was female, but she didn't want him either. Maybe it is just the way they court each other, but he was too aggressive. She spent the whole time trying to get away from him! I feel sorry for him this time of the year. I know he needs to be in the wild, but after being in captivity all these years, he will never be able to survive on his own. He does have a pretty easy life though--He sleeps all winter and has food and water delivered to him each day!

In about 10 days he will start eating non-stop! We are alike. I also eat non-stop this time of the year--gotta store up for winter where my days are spent on the patio swing, looking at all my flowers and watching the world go by.


Claude said...

There's turr tull! Poor guy, at the mercy of his hormones...

Anyway, it'll pass. How old is he?

Julie said...

I love Tur! He is the most awesome feller ever!!!

Aiyana said...

Abstinence--even forced--has its benefits, even for Turr Tull. When we had our rabbit, Spot, he went through such spells every year, except he furiously dug tunnels in the flower beds. Don't know if it was the same drive, but whatever was causing it would subside after a few weeks. These creatures must know what season it is as it always happened at the end of summer.