Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunrise and Stuff!

I just had to get out of bed this morning to take a photo of this beautiful sunrise! This has to be the beginning of a wonderful day!!!!! It even overrides the shock from the estimate for the slab of granite that has to be replaced in my kitchen! I have a vertical crack that has been repaired and has since grown and spread apart! They are not sure why this happened, as no one has ever stood on it or damaged it in any way. This is an unusual occurrence, but with it being a natural stone, it could have had a fissure deep inside. Of course, it is out of warranty (now 5 years) but they will give me a discount on the replacement. The granite is dark and if they can find a good match I won't have to replace the island as well. We will see!
I spent most of yesterday assembling wedding invitations for my grand daughter's upcoming wedding. This is no easy task for me as I am uncoordinated and can't really line things up without the help of a ruler. Finally, I called another grand daughter over to help me. After watching me spill all the little jewels, ruin a page of glue dots and place the inserts in the wrong pockets , she ask me to just sit and talk to her while she worked on them. Of course, this was what I was waiting for all along! I hate sitting for very long and I hate details--I am the wrong person to ask to do this kind of job!

My orange jubilee that turned yellow is now turning back to orange! My primary goal for today is to be happy! This should be easy--after the wonderful sunrise and a good cup of coffee filled with half & half , and my ability to filter and censor negative thoughts, all add up to a great day.


Aiyana said...

Two different types of granite on an island and counter space is now all the rage, so even if they can't match it, you can find a complementary color and you'll be right in style!

Julie said...

I am with Aiyana! Good luck with it!