Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pups and Politics

The blue agave pups should have been dug and and transplanted by now....but it's been so darn hot. The older and bigger they get, the harder it is to dig them up. Almost all the pups will take when transplanted, so sometimes some of them have to go into the garbage. These things get really huge in a few years, and my front landscape is not that big.

The blue elf aloe is doing very well out of the hot summer sun! It has been in the original container for a couple years just because I never could decide where to plant it. I guess I will get a beautiful pot, transplant it and then leave it where it sits now!

Red Yucca is still hanging in there. It will send up another set of stalks before the end of the year.

Right on time, the fishhook barrel cactus flowers have opened. This happens every year at this time.

This has been one long hot summer! It is still hot--110 degrees yesterday and will be again today. The air is so hot it hurts to breathe. This summer has had me housebound and addicted to TV! The only thing on is Biden and how much whose house costs what and who has the most houses, and who paid for whose house, and who is richer, and who relates to Joe Lunch Box the best, and who is yadda yadda yadda, over and over and over again!!!! I just don't need to know anything else about any of them. I made up my mind months ago when the presumptive nominees were decided. I finally had to just turn it off and get out of the house. I will be glad when the whole political circus is over, unless of course, the wrong candidate gets in. I won't say who that is, in my view.
I will be going to the Cactus and Succulent meeting today--I'm sure this will get all the political BS out of my mind! Just a touch of cool weather will cure the TV addiction--in fact, it will take care off all my ills! Too bad something that simple wouldn't cure our nations ills--whatever you think they may be!


م .اشرف شرف الدين الشريف said...

very nice you have many cacti and succulent in your garden

Claude said...

The agave is great... but I know what you mean about the pups... I sold some of mine on ebay once! I'm not familiar with the blue elf aloe. It looks like a very nice plant, and would look great in a terra cotta, urn shaped pot. The fish-hook barrel is on my wish list, ever since I found out they would survive outside here, but they're very expensive in the local nurseries, if you can find them. I'm about to resort to seeds!

I've been meaning to ask, How's Turr Tull doing? I'm sure he spends most of his time under cover in the heat...

Julie said...

Hi Pudgeduck! I was wondering if Tur Tull found love yet???? Are there other turtles in your area? That would be so sweet...I know he is so happy with your devinely wonderful hibiscus meals! He would never leave you...even for love...but he might bring his new lady friend over for a dinner date!
How was the C and S show? See any Pachypodiums there???? LOL.
Love all your agave/aloe plants here...they all look so healthy!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!