Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I just got home from a wonderful time, house and dog sitting for a friend in the cool country of Arizona. Every day, the clouds came rolling in and it rained. The wash behind the house would quickly fill with with two feet of rushing water. As quickly as it came, the water would drain off. After the rain, the trees surrounding the wash and house were alive with birds sounds.

Only one humming bird came the whole time to enjoy the nectar from the feeder hanging from the patio. I loved the cool air, which allowed me to spend most of my day on the patio.

I was hoping to see the abundant wildlife that come and go along the wash. But I only saw a few bunnies running around. I did miss the scent of the desert after the rains, but the pine-cedar smell was almost as wonderful! I would like to have a summer home in that area. The best of both worlds, and all in the same State.

These two love birds (mourning doves) would be sitting on the decorative cart every morning. I would enjoy all my meals on the patio and watch the world going by.

Shelby is the sweetest dog in the world! She is almost blind and deaf . She takes a walk every day, never messes in the house, doesn't get on the furniture and doesn't bark! She eats only healthy natural meals, vitamins and snacks- I think that is why she is in such good shape for 19 years old!! It was a pleasure to take care of her.

Now that I'm "back in the saddle" so to speak, I hope my time in the cool country has inspired me to get ready for fall planting, one the best times of the year in the low desert.


Claude said...

Sounds great.

I used to love house sitting when I was younger. you got to stay someplace else and look at different things, and you didn't even have to pay rent.


Julie said...

Glad you are back! Sounds like heaven while you were house sitting!! Nice doggy!!!