Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Fine Day

This is the only good thing about not being able to sleep- I'm always up to see the sunrises! I expect this beautiful sunrise to reveal a splendid day!!!

This beavertail cactus has a lot of baby pads growing on its plump, swollen pads. Sometimes I see other beavertail cacti with shrunken up pads, and I like mine better!

The yarrow that I planted last year and never sprouted decided to come up this year instead. Better late than never I guess.

Blue Elf Aloe has beautiful bloom stalks and flowers--no matter what my camera shows. Trust me!

A few of my first wildflowers blooming in the front courtyard area. Some of these may be weeds for all I know.

Penstemon seeds were planted two falls ago, but they never produced much, and didn't get more than a few inches high last spring, but this year they are huge and coming up everywhere! The Desert Bluebells didn't bloom this year. Last year they were everywhere--go figure!

Fruit is still on the Barrel cactus. Brittle Bush is almost in full bloom! I have two plants that are growing on two mounds in my front yard. My neighbor's Brittle Bush plant seeds blew into my yard and the seeds picked two perfect spots to grow. They look as though they were professionally planted. It seems Brittle Bush do that. So do Desert Marigolds.

So far it is a splendid day! Now, if I could just sleep at night.


Claude said...

I have to get up so early I see a lot of sunrises too, but Texas doesn't seem to have that many really impressive sunrises. We have fantastic sunsets though...

Love the flowers blooming. Mine won't be far behind... hopefully!

Julie said...

Well, I thank God every day for the internet, which is available all night...if you know what I mean! Insomnia is my middle name! Have you ever gone to www.boxerjam.com and play the gameshow games??? They are a lot of fun...there are several...you play with people all ove rthe world, and well worth the free downloads you do to get started!

Now...nice plants and photos! It does look like it was a great day there! I love your fat padded beavertail, and everything else too!!!

My name on boxerjam is xmasgirl43! Maybe I will see you there! LOL

Pudgeduck said...

Claude- Maybe we have more pollution here- it makes beautiful sunsets and sun rises~~~~

Julie- Thanks I will give it a try- sounds like fun!!!