Friday, March 20, 2009

Chihuly and Trains--What a Combo!

In December, the first 20-mile starter line of the Metro Light Rail system opened in Phoenix after years of construction. Aiyana, her daughter and I decided to take the Rail this week. It connects Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. The Light Rail was something we wanted to try out, so we drove to Phoenix to hop the train. Our intention was to take the Rail to Desert Botanical Garden and beyond. We wanted to see Chihuly's glass display that is featured there until May 31. This event has been a sell-out every day since the opening in December. We spent most of the day meandering though the many trails that are filled with desert plants and the exhibits, then went back to the Rail by shuttle and finished up our round trip by going on to Tempe, then back around to the car.

I've included quite a few photos of the sculptures . They are affixed to specially engineered structures that dominate large exterior and interior spaces. They are placed throughout the garden among the cacti and wildflowers, making a dramatic beautiful display.

Click to enlarge any of the photos.

The lone indoor display. A whole wall was filled with these dish shaped scultures.

Canoe full of giant marbles!

A few hedgehog cactus in bloom. The purple flowers are striking!!

I like this unusual marking of the red creeping prickly pear.

Out of the ordinary--a crested Saguaro.




Another great March day!!!!!!


Claude said...

it's very strange, it says that you posted this 3 days ago, but it just showed up today...

And wow! The glass has such an organic feel to it, it some places it seems to blend right into the landscape.

Great pics!

Pudgeduck said...

Claude - that is strange! The one before this onee just showed up..Go figure

Hawk woman said...

Very cool photos, as always.

Claude said...

I thought of you and these glass sculptures today... I walked into one of the big downtown offices, and there was a red glass chandelier that I would swear this guy made... it looked a lot like the second pic, the hanging blue glass...

Couldn't take a pic though, the security in those places get really snippy if you look like you might be casing the place...

Pudgeduck said...

Claude - It could very well be his- I think it is all over the country. How cool is that!