Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love My Garden--Especially in March

I purchased the above unidentified mammillaria (maybe M. kissingiana) last month from Lowe's for only $6.00. It is about 5 inches tall and 7 inches across. It started blooming two weeks ago. Such a deal!

The Mother 0f Thousands plantlets were free for the taking at our last month's cactus society meeting. I filled a strawberry pot with them and they look like they are like their new home. The plants have grown a lot and are already filling in!

Another single plant coming up in my garden. It is in a protected area with only a couple hours of sun. Could this be the lost Zinnia? Please let me know if anyone knows what this is.


Claude said...

well, I hate to say it, but your maybe zinnia is another calendula... The mammillaria is wonderful though.

I don't like March in Texas. It's been raining all day, will rain all night and will probably rain all day tomorrow.

In this part of Texas, we get most of the rain for the year in the spring. And it's cold. The high today was 42 degrees. The ground will turn to soup, and we'll lose a certain amount of plants to rot, and it's just not a great time of the year... but soon enough the ground will turn into something that looks like cracked terra cotta and it'll be 100 degrees... there will be about 1 week somewhere in the middle that will be nice! LOL

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-Sounds like you need to move to Arizona! We will start suffering in July.....I knew I didn't plant the zinnia in that strange place!

Julie said...

Oh God...poor Claude!!!!!

Love your new mammillaria! Nice blooms already! How great is that? They look like tiny daisies!!!

I have my strawberry pot full of Mother of Millions (or thousands, which ever...I always forget the real name)...and it is so neat looking when it gets all filled in!!!