Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Full of Surprises

I planted the Carolina Jessamine on an iron trellis that I hope will hide the narrow space of my side yard as I plan to paint it a bright color. Always worried about the HOA! I don't want folks who walk around the lake to see my side view. I hope it fills in quickly before it gets too hot to paint. It's already 86 degrees today! I have chosen three colors that look great together! It's a surprise and soon you will see the finished project!

The Calendulas are crowding out the potted ornamental grass. The Calendulas and two unidentified shoots are a surprise! I planted Zinnias in the garden that have not come up yet-- but who knows--they may show up someday somewhere!

Each day a new color sweet pea blooms! Thanks to Claude on the tip from Grandma, the garlic powder saved them from no-see-ums. I will have a couple of months of pure unmitigated happiness!


Claude said...

Watch out for that Carolina jasmine, it may go on a rampage! Or it does locally, you're climate is so different from mine, I'm not sure what it'll do...

as for the calendulas, ornamental grass and allysum... That's a very happy accident! It looks like one of those pre-planted pots you buy at the nursery!

I'm thinking that I should grow some sweet peas this fall. They usually survive the winter here.

Suzanne said...

Love the colors and the blooms. Sweet peas have got to be a favorite of mine!