Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desert Stomping

We were up at dawn ready to head north on any back road that looked intriguing. The destination didn't matter--the only expectation was to find wildflowers! I love getting up with no idea what lies ahead, so off we went...

Luckily, that car in the bottom of the riverbed isn't ours! Sometimes when riding on the narrow, bumpy dirt roads, seeing ravines on one side or another or steep inclines and drops, I imagine this is how we'll end up! (No pun intended.)

We heard the birds before we rounded the corner..and then, hundreds of black birds. We scared most of them of driving by. I would have liked to record their warbling--maybe those soothing sounds would help my sleepless nights.

The rock formation is crying out for one of the rock painters to create it into an animal. But then, it's against the law to deface rocks and stuff in the desert. I like the natural look better anyway. But, it I was a rock painter, I'd turn it into a fat dog begging!

These are the first and only wildflowers I found on this trip! Just the three poppies in bloom. What a disappointment. We just didn't get enough rain this winter to give us a spectacular display like last year.

The prickly pear cactus is growing uphill. It is rooted in the rock only on the bottom pad, and the top half is airborne! Looks like it is trying to climb the side of the hill. Maybe it's trying to find some top soil to root. Spunky little prickly pear!

After traveling over 4 hours (3 hours of hard 4-wheeling) and only making it 35 miles, we decided to call it a day! Another 4 hours back--ugh!--I didn't get a lot of photos as I was mostly interested in staying alive! I couldn't get out of the truck--couldn't climb through the gulches, ravines and rocks going uphill. I kept my eyes closed most of the way. Good thing Hubby kept his eyes open or we could have ended up like the vehicle in the top photo! We will find a better way to go next weekend. I am determined to find those elusive wildflowers!

It is so small a thing

to have enjoy'd the sun

to have lived light in the spring

to have loved, to have thought, to have done?

- Matthew Arnold


Julie said...

OMG Pudgeduck! What a harrowing trip! I would have kept my eyes closed I do on most of our trips to the mountains in the southeastern states! (Smoky Mountains).

Could it be just too early for some of the wildflowers? Seems like it was March last year out there, no??? I remember last year asking Aiyana about the best time to visit, and trying to plan a flight out in March or April last year!

I have Mar. 9-13 off this year, but have to save my money cause my son and wife and 2 grands are coming home (getting out of the Army) in September. I want to be able to help them out a little when they get back with getting settled into their home here. YEAH!

One day I WILL get to Arizona though! There and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are my top two destinations to get to before I die, and hopefully while I can still walk, see, hear and talk!!! LOL :)

Claude said...

I have to say that I like that fat rock with the cactus just the way it is... you are so lucky to live somewhere that has such beautiful nature to go see...

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- You might be right about the timing! I want everything right now!!! Glad you will have your kids back home! Save a little more and come to our beautiful state.

claude- I am so blessed that I was born here! I love Arizona!!! Come for a visit!

Suzanne said...

I loved that last photo with the cactus growing uphill. How funny is that? Looks like an interesting trip and you did get some wonderful photos out of it!