Monday, December 22, 2008

Garden Gab

Today's sunrise.

My son brought over another plate of ripe figs!! We thought that the last bag he gave me would be the end of them for the season, but as you can see, they are still going strong. He had two other pickings after the last batch he gave me. This is a great Christmas gift!!

JOY TO THE WORLD!! Another stained glass piece that my friend made. I love the colors, and I think I will keep it up all year!

The Nasturtiums are looking good-- they will bloom later in January. This is the pot my squirrel visitor napped in before running through the neighborhood.

Froggies enjoy the sun as much as I do. White geraniums and Lobelia are filling out.

Do you think I will get any more ripe tomatoes? The bush is loaded with dozens of little tomatoes and it has a lot of blooms on the top.

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