Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Feast!

My son planted a Black Mission fig tree last fall, and he has been getting figs all summer and into the fall! I picked these yesterday and ate them all at one sitting! The tree is still loaded and some more should be ripe this weekend.

My daughter also has a Black Mission tree and it has had only two good crops this season and that is fodder for some sibling rivalry! They send cell phone photos of their respective trees, with text messages arguing about who has the best crop, who has the most figs etc. Then, they call me to come over and do a taste test! You know what mothers. do....I tell each that theirs is the BEST! They still believe me even though they know I tell each of then the same thing! It's "Mom said mine was the best, yadda yadda.... My children are in their 40's! I just walk home from my daughter's with my belly full--waiting for the next round of fresh figs!


Aiyana said...

This makes me very envious! I'm amazed that they got so many figs so quickly. My little fig tree must need more water as all the developing figs dried up this year.

Alex said...

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! :)