Friday, May 24, 2013


After finding the hidden quail nest, I made sure they were comfortable with plenty shade and water.
 Several times a day I would check to make sure the eggs were alright. Two weeks later after checking  the nest, I found that  all the eggs had hatched and the babies were nowhere in sight!

I was sure something had eaten the mother after seeing all the feathers left in the nest. All the eggs looked like the tops were evenly cut off. I searched all afternoon for the babies never losing hope that they were close by.
Lolly Bee stayed with me never making a sound.

 I kept my camera on and ready to capture the perfect shot! When I  checked the nest once more-  I was startled to see
 they were back!!!
Little stripped babies, all ten of them. They didn't make a peep-just looked at me. They were so cute!  I just wanted to scoop them all up and pet them.....of course I didn't!

 On the 2nd day the father showed up walking on the block wall calling for them to leave. She marched out of the nest with all the babies in a row behind her. The perfect photo and the camera would not come on!!nothing!!-the battery was dead! &;X;#@$%#@ and a few F's ! By the time I got back outside with the camera phone on and ready they were gone!  All the waiting and time spent worried about them , they just up and leave! Just like that! Not even a look back! But I am so grateful that I did get a few shots of them in their nests. Hoping they will choose to come back next year and give me another chance.....

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Julie said...

are! what a neat story!!! great photos! good lolly bee!