Monday, May 20, 2013


  Each year after the wild flower bed is cleared of the California and Shirley poppies, the struggling cosmos come to full bloom within a few days. They are already over 4 feet tall!
  The coreopsis have also enjoyed the room to grow and the full sun they recieve after the clear-out!
Hollyhocks have a few buds left on the tops. They don't look very good with the bottom flowers spent.

The orange jubilee that was cut to the ground after a freeze this past winter, is about 4 ft tall and has just started to bloom. I couldn't get  the root out, and when it started growing again, I didn't have the heart to cut it back. It's so fast growing, messy and I just need it to be gone! Oh well, I'll put  up with it another few months.

                                              Red and pink hibiscas blooming in time for Turr Tull who just came out from hibernating. The spring had been cooler and longer this year, and he was able to sleep awhile longer-unlike me never getting enough shut eye!
My two bower vines  have started to bloom -they will bloom untill late fall.
Blue plumbego is still a very light color. I'm not sure when they will turn the darker blue that I love.
Red bird of paradise will bloom till early winter- a winner for our hot, hot summers! I am dreading the next few months of hot, but the GOOD NEWS for the summer are visits from Grand daughter-great Grand kids and Grandson home on leave!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!  


Claude said...

TURR TULL! I was thinking about him just the other day! glad to see he's up and about, and that his fave munchies are available. I see that like me, you're enjoying the garden before the heady hits.

Julie said...

Tur TULL!!!!! I always wonder if you will see him again! Yeah!!! So nice to see him in front of your hibiscus!!! Lovely! All your blooms are gorgeous!!! Isn't this a great time of year???