Friday, May 10, 2013

Beautiful evening walk...
I just finished pulling the last nasturtiums when
a startled quail flew off her well hidden nest. As soon as I caught my breath I found the nest with
10 eggs!  I can't wait for them to hatch! They hatch in 17-23 days and I'm not sure
 how long they have been there so.. I will have to watch them daily and hope to get a few photo's!

My neighbor's poorly pruned mesquite tree. No telling how many yard workers over the years had a hand in making this mess!

                                         For this reason I prune my desert museum palo verde .


Claude said...

Hope you get pics off the quail hatchings. I have no hippie of seeing them here, too many cats & dogs in the immediate vicinity. A yard man needs to be sued over that mesquite tree. Ive found that they do pretty well unperturbed, just keep out the deaf branches ands they're fine

Julie said...

Oh, your Palo Verde is gorgeous!!! Love those quail eggs...what a wonderful surprise! Have they hatched yet? Hoping to see some baby photos!!! ;)