Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In The Heat Of The Night

Around midnight last night 14 Sacred Datura blooms were open. The sweet fragrance was intoxicating! I couldn't get a night photo, but believe me, they were spectacular!! They seem to glow in the dark.

Not sure when I should cut and dry the artichoke bloom. I was hoping it would be larger, but it is nice. Oh well, everything in my garden is just experimental.

Most of the bees were swarming around the artichoke, but some decided not to compete and stuck with the sunflowers.


Grandson called to tell us we are so lucky to be in Arizona with our 110 degree weather with only 7 percent humidity! This is his first experience with 90 degrees and 100% humidity that he's experiencing in Kentucky! We are going up to the cool country for a few days--we don't feel so lucky in this heat!


Julie said...

What beautiful Datura blooms! I doubt I have ever seen them before!!! They are quite amazing, aren't they? Wish I could have smelled them!!!

I love your bloom on the artichocke...will you dry it in silica gel??? I hope you can show it to us.

Kentucky is as high a humidity as here! CRAP!!! I know he is suffering in the Army having to do P.T. in that hot, moist environment after being used to dry air!!! Poor guy!

Pudgeduck said...

Not sure how to preserve but I'll look into silica gel.
I'll take dry heat even if it's 122!

Hawk woman said...

Love reading about your garden!