Friday, July 9, 2010

Changing Scenery and a Changing Life

My first cactus bloom of the season. I almost missed the Submatucana species bloom while camping.

I added my own found rock to the cairn at our chosen camping spot at Knoll Lake. Cairns and similar rock stacks have recently been adopted by the Deep Ecology movement. I'm not sure if this is one is a part of that movement, or just campers who wanted to leave a lasting monument of their visit. The cairns are also something that offer places and moments for reflection at spiritual-environmental retreats. Maybe that's what's going on here.

We had to drive five miles every day to the Rim to get phone service to call home. Yes, we check in everyday! I'm not sure how I made it all the years without cell phones. I remember when pagers became popular and how much easier life became because of them! Kids just had to find a pay phone and have a dime--or was it a quarter?--in their pockets to call home.

We had two days of rain and the temperature dropped to 58 degrees. Most other days were 73 degrees!

The guys fished and hooked a few trout. We will have a fish fry later this month!

The Osprey is watching her babies in a dead tree close to the lake.

Hubby's binoculars allowed us to see two babies peeking out.

Agave plants were plentiful along the roadway and offered several colors of inflorescence.

I love this bright gold yellow! Some had red, pale yellow and even orange.

The saguaro cactus fruit is fading from the bright red that started at the beginning of the season. May is the month for saguaro blooms at home--but maybe they come later in the high country.

The summer is going by so fast. Hardly had time to hate the heat! I am now on my way to North Carolina. A wonderful business opportunity was offered to the grand kids that couldn't be passed up, so one grand daughter, her husband and baby (my only great grand baby!!) have moved to North Carolina!

I hope we will be able to handle the humidity when we get there! Granddaughter needs help with the baby, two small dogs on the plane, and help with unpacking--if the movers get there on time! The airline doesn't allow dogs to fly in the under-carriage during the hot summer months in Arizona. The dogs will fit into one dog carrier. I have a bottle of Rescue Remedy all ready and waiting in case the dogs have anxiety. We'll probably pop a few ourselves.

This past year has brought a lot of major life changes and just as I try to digest one, another comes up. Not sure how I will adapt to the separation from my great grandson. I have enjoyed him being close for the past nine months! I want to see him take his first steps, get his top teeth, etc. We are planning lots of trips to NC, and I sure hope the ticket prices stay affordable.

This change isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. It's just life happening.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
~Author Unknown

I couldn't wait to get home from camping to see my little guy!!! He was just as happy to see us!!!


Claude said...

oh, how I envy you that camping trip... just getting away from everything for a few days sounds like absolute heaven to me. Of course, it's been raining here about every day... the humidity is going to kill me, I swear!

Julie said...

Camping??? How awesome is thagt??? I am jealous! The humidity here prevnts any kind of camping...NO WAY!!! Can't wait for that first breath of fall air!!!

I know you will miss that great grandbaby!!! So good you will be able to fly out to see him sometimes!!! He sure is a doll!!!