Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enjoying Blue Skies From The Inside

Vincas are planted! Just in time for the 100+ degree days of summer. Today it is 110 degrees.

The air is crystal clear and the sky is beautiful but we are experiencing a high ozone-heat alert. Strong sunlight and hot weather cause ground-level ozone to form in harmful concentrations. We've been advised locally to stay inside! I'm enjoying the view from inside sitting on my swivel-rocker chair pushed close to the window.

Our summers here are only for dreaming of our fall gardens...and dreaming of getting to the cool country! Changing my garden plans a million times over in my mind keeps me in a smiley mood.

Getting lots of green peppers. One plant is plenty for us and I still have a few left to share.

I planted a cantaloupe in the bed before the sprinkler hoses were buried so that means we have another fall project added to my ever-growing list.The longer the list the more cheerful I am, as opposed to my hubby's "enough already!" attitude.
I haven't had a good juicy ripe watermelon for at least three years! I keep buying and tossing!! Have you noticed that most of our grocery-bought fruit --in fact most of our food is just not very good anymore. It's not because I am losing taste in my old age, it's just a fact! It's like everything else has become...just not good anymore!! Hopefully as I become a more experienced gardener I will produce the tasty foods of the past. Not sure what to do about everything else!

This bed will remain empty until fall. The heirloom runner bean is still alive and producing flowers. Just like the package said--the beans won't set until fall! A few random seedlings are sprouting but they won't last through this heat.

"I am spending delightful afternoons in my garden, watching everything living around me. As I grow older, I feel everything departing, and I love everything with more passion."

- Emile Zola


Julie said...

OMG! It was so hot here too...105 wih heat index...and humid...OMG! We are prisoners in our own homes!!! I miss our winter temps!

I have found some delicious watermelon and cantelope at out outdoor market recently...even strawberries. I am actually loving the juicy cold fruits this summer...and they taste good. Sounds like you may need to buy from a different market!!! Seriously. OUr grocery store has meat that has no whole family has now we get meat elsewhere!!

Hawk woman said...

Let me know when you want to come up to cool country!