Thursday, July 2, 2009

On The Road Again

We headed north to Flagstaff for a weekend of camping with my daughter and and son-in-law this past week. The beautiful red rock formations get their red coloring from a form of iron oxide that coats grains of quartz.

Taking a side trip to Jerome for lunch, we hiked up to the Haunted Hamburger for the best view and burger in the state! We stopped at the Nellie Bly Kaleidoscope Shop and I purchased yet another kaleidoscope! I started a collection for my first-born grandson when he was three, and have added one for each Christmas and birthday. His 26th birthday is coming up soon and he has an extraordinary collection!

Meandering on a steep bumpy dirt road, we passed a small pond and meadow where a generous FRIEND had set up camp for us! We were surrounded by the Fremont, Humphrey and Agassiz mountains.

The sight of the majestic ponderosa pines and quaking aspens left us breathless. This campground, Lockett Meadow, is only three hours from our home! We will take advantage of this outstanding discovery often!

Watching the striking aspens leaves quaking in the wind had me mesmerized.

We were comfy in the pop-up--the chairs were set up, wood cut and stacked for us, we could hardly wait for the bonfire !

As we explored the area we spotted a lone five-point bull elk feeding at the edge of the forest. Four muletail does came into the meadow that evening, and we saw three prong- horned antelope on the road. I couldn't get any of them to stand still while I focused the camera! Beautiful blue jay's, red robins and other birds that I can't identify were everywhere! One of the birds sang all through the night!

I guess it's never to late in life to have someone declare their love in the form of initial carvings! I think this was the first for me!

This lone clump of flowers attracted hoards of butterflies. As I tried to get closer to focus the camera, they scattered! I couldn't scare off the beetles, bees, flies, and this one butterfly. It must have been the best pollen in Arizona!

All in all it was the 'best of everything' weekend!


Hawk woman said...

You should write for a travel magazine. You are a great writer!! Love the photos. Awesome.

Claude said...

Sounds like a great break from the everyday grind. And wonderful scenery.

I'm jealous.

Dee said...

Lovely photos- It sounds like you are having a great time! Happy 4th of July!

Pudgeduck said...

Hawk woman-LOL!!
Claude-It was a wonderful break!
Dee- Thanks- happy 4th!