Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smoke and Clouds

Thunderheads are moving in! Monsoon season looks like it is here, or will be in the next few days. We had a dry lightning strike near here, and it caused a wildfire in the Gila River bed. Many fire fighters are at the site, but the winds need to let up before it can be brought under control.

Luckily, this is miles from any homes. The smoke is mixing with clouds--making an interesting photo.

There aren't any roads near the fire, so it's hard for the firefighters to get to it. Maybe they will have to bring in the helicopters or planes. If they bring in the helicopters, they will get water from the lake. Since I live on the lakefront, I can watch the activity from my patio. They lower big rubber bladders into the lake and when they are filled, they fly off and drop the water on the fire. This activity usually draws a crowd around the lake walkway.


Suzanne said...

These are amazing photos. I have family in northern California and they are inundated with fires there too. Hope there is some relief soon for all of the western U.S. Make that the mid-west too. Fires in one area - too much rain in the other. Ugh!

Julie said...

We are hearing about all of the fires out there on our news. Lord, I wish this would all stop already!

Claude said...

What an amazing thing to see in the distance. Of course, the desert evolved with these fires, so it'll be fine, but I'm very glad to hear that no people are in danger. If the helicopters come, make sure to take some pics for us!

Aiyana said...

I can see this from my house too. The air is really bad here from this, and from the wildfires in California. It's almost hard to breathe outside, and the sky looks smoggy and ugly.