Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm a Bee Helper!

My sunflower seeds arrived today from the Great Sunflower Project. I planted them this evening and should have flowers in about 6 weeks. Hopefully all the data collected will give us a clue as to what has happened to our bees!
This little mammillaria is in full bloom. Click to enlarge it. It didn't have a tag and was soaking wet when I bought (rescued) it from Lowe's last year. This is the only cactus I have with white blooms. I never did get around to potting it. I did pick up a few pots yesterday
and I Will pot all of them tomorrow! I do have a lot to do though--maybe next week....Oh well, they are doing just fine in their little plastic nursery pots!


Julie said...

Oh...isn't this the cutest little cactus ever??? With all that curly hair, and really neat spines and flowers! Very very pretty! I adore it!!! I need to get more into cactus...but after I got thorned to death by that big wavy opuntia, I have stayed away. I think I have a grand total of three.

Claude said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that cactus is a Mammillaria bocasana ... it doesn't look exact, but the plant has a lot of subspecies and varieties, (there's even one that is totally spineless and wool-free called "fred")

It's the closest I could come in the rather quick search I did, but I'm not certain.

Whatever it is, it's cute as all git-out!

No Rain said...

I agree with Claude. It sure looks like a Mammillaria boscana, but because of all the hair, I think it's a M. boscana 'forma multilanata'.

Pudgeduck said...

Julie-I think it is so cute-like baby hair-styled.

claude- Sounds like you are right!-again! Thanks!

No Rain -You guys are so smart!