Friday, June 6, 2008

Hawaii Memories

After spending time reminiscing about my childhood on the farm, which I wrote about in my last post, My thoughts have moved up in time (and distance) as I remember my trip to Hawaii this time last year.

My granddaughter had graduated Arizona State University, and as her gift, she choose to go to Hawaii. We decided to make it a family trip. Nine of our immediate family members were able to go. We rented a house that also had a Ohana Cottage (guest house) attached, so we were all very comfortable.

After looking at hundreds of photos, I chose these to share. The Paintbrush Eucalyptus trees are on the road to Hana. Click to enlarge--they are not edited! I still can't believe they are real, they are so beautiful!

The pineapple plants were a real surprise for me. I Never gave it a thought as to how they grew. I guess I expected them to be grown on trees, not little bushes! (Remember--I'm from a small town Arizona farm.)

We like to go off the beaten path, and go at our own pace, so we explored the whole island for 10 days in rented jeeps. I loved everything about Maui and can't wait to go back someday!


Claude said...

Those paintbrush eucalyptus are amazing. I've never been able to go to Hawaii, although I've always wanted to. For now, I just have to enjoy other peoples pics...

Julie said...

These trees really are something else!!! I haven't ever had much urge to go to any island, because I figure they would all look mainly just like our south Florida coast! Obviously there are a few differences, like volcanos... (but we are able to grow pineapples here)!!! Maybe one day I will get to Hawaii...I know it must have been amazingly beautiful!!!