Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

This is the result of a few days of 115 degrees! I guess we are lucky so far, in June of 1990 we had a recording-breaking day at 122 degrees. I survived this week's heat, along with a lot of my plants. More of my plants died during the 3 day hard freeze we had in January of 2007.

The flowers in my beds, along with all the ones in containers, are fried!

Rosemary--one of my newer plantings. The older ones are doing just fine.

Plumbago--a three year old, stunning flowering shrub, died--fried to death today. I have been busy pulling out all the dead plants throughout my garden. By July most of my beds are empty and ready for fall plantings. The Vinca plants will get though all summer--no matter how hot it gets!

Of course, all of my cactus and succulents will survive this heat and a few are blooming again!

Third time this one has bloomed. Usually the only damage to non-native cacti is the scorching that sometimes happens. The cactus will turn yellow in those areas, and may or may not go away in the fall. If they are badly scorched, then that portion will just die and get hard. It looks ugly, but if it isn't a large area, the cactus will live.

This is the second bloom from my
Wal-Mart rescue. We have a few months of hot-hot weather here, but we don't have---tsunamis, ice storms, earthquakes, snow storms, hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, or any other natural disasters--except for hundred floods from too much rain. But, that only happens about every 100 years, and right now we are in a drought. I wouldn't live anywhere else!!!


Claude said...

wow... does the heat start to back off a little or does it stay this hot for the next few months... I know that you're monsoon season is coming, which brings humidity and a chance of rain, but I'm not sure what the timing is... or if it breaks the heat at all.

I can't blame the plants for falling over, I suspect that I might too...

ceekay said...

A site that looks familiar. I am pretty much done outside....waiting for October! Hope you had a nice, trying to stay cool, weekend!

Julie said...

Your cactus are a breath of fresh air with your heat wave!!!

Suzanne said...

I'm thinking if you immediately hook the marigold up to an IV, it might have a chance. ..

Sorry that it has been so hot. I guess you must hibernate indoors in the summer, while we in Colorado do our hibernating in the winter!

Hawk woman said...

Wow, you've been busy. My plants are all dead too. A couple I still need you to water when i am gone. The front garden is still hanging on.

Pudgeduck said...

Claude- monsoon is here! the humidity gets higher-temps go down a little-Our night time temp sound like yours-only a few degrees different than the day!!!! Oct is beautiful and that is only 3 months away!!!!