Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Miscellany

Lots of new pads but not a single bloom in 17 years! My Indian Fig came from the family farm that had been planted in 1917. Each family member received a pad after the farm was sold. My daughters' cactuses both had blooms for the first time this year.

I have been in a funk because my cactus and succulents have not bloomed! But...while watering this morning, I discovered a little bloom on my Huernia schneiferiana growing near the base. I am sooo excited!!! It is dime-size and a beautiful magenta.

Yes, I broke another expensive clay pot! Cheap ones last for years, but the minute I pay an exorbitant price, that's a sure sign of impending doom for the pot!

Euphorbia obesa chistata- I'm not sure if this one will flower. The convoluted ribs swell as they absorb moisture--and although I rarely water it, the ribs always look full. I keep this one somewhat shaded from the west sun. After my newly planted Desert Museum Palo Verde produces enough shade, I will plant it in the ground.


Claude said...

The huernia looks like a great little plant, I've been looking at these on line, but I don't have any.

I've found that Optunia are very oportunistic... if you use a bloom fertilizer, like they sell for annuals, you may spur it into bloom next year... try putting it on before growth starts next spring.

No Rain said...

How does the flower smell? Really bad? I've never smelled a good one yet!

Pudgeduck said...

Claude- I'll try the fertilizer next spring- would love to have a bloom!

No Rain--I can't get close enough to smell it- it is so small!