Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A 17-Year Wait

Remember the Indian Fig (Opuntia ficus-indica I wrote about recently? The one that had not produced a single bloom in 17 years? Well...................

Tahdah! I saw two buds yesterday, and this morning one had opened!!! I am soooo happy! There are only the two buds on the pad--not sure if it will produce any more. These two came up suddenly, so maybe more will come.


No Rain said...

I like the orangy color of your cactus flower. Some are a paler yellow without as much orange, so you got a good one!

Gorda said...

Are you going to eat it?

Julie said...

Oh exciting!!! 17 LONGGGGG years!!! I like the sort of apricotty color! Congrats!!!

Pudgeduck said...

No Rain--I like the orange the be
best also.
Gorda- I think I will - We did as children.