Friday, March 28, 2008

Sis Was Right Again!

Desert Bluebells

Desert Bluebell Stains

This looks like the hand of a heavy smoker!

I spent three hours helping out my sister today, pulling up desert bluebells on her 3/4 acre before they went to seed. This is the end result--permanent stains!! I used everything I had to remove the stains, but to no avail! I guess I will have to just hide out for a while! I did wear gloves--but I guess it seeped through in spots. I wondered why my sister had on three pairs. She did warn me about the stains, but just I thought she was exaggerating. As you can see, she was right again. It was backbreaking work, but my sister said I would burn 1,300 calories an hour. I weighed when I got home and didn't lose a pound! I guess she's not ALWAYS right!

She said I just needed to get my doctor to adjust my thyroid meds again, come back in two weeks to help pull up all the other wildflowers and then the 1,300 calorie burn would kick in. All the diets I have been on haven't worked, so I will give it a try. Remember, she is the sister that knows a lot about everything!


No Rain said...

I hope she appreciated it. I have stains my toes from clearing Desert Bluebells in sandals. I learned the hard way to cover up!

Julie said...

WOW...these bluebells are very messy little devils, aren't they???