Monday, March 3, 2008

Name the Dog

This is the newest addition to Daisy's family. She is an eight-week-old female Mexican Hairless. The pictures are not very good, as she would not stay still! Her paws are hairy, as well as her head and half of her tail. Her body is hairless and the skin is spotted.

Her spots and my hands and arms match, so they wanted to name her after me, but luckily, my name doesn't start with a D! This is their fourth dog--all with D names. Diesel is a Mastiff, Daisy a Boston Terrier, and Denver is a Dachshund. Please help me find a D name for her! I choose Diva.


Sharon said...

Oh SO cute! I love dogs!

How about Dotty, or Dimples, or Diddles, or Dinky, or Doolittle?

Can you tell I have tons of doggy names just waiting for our next puppy?

Gorda said...

Call it DUD, for damn ugly dog!

Laurie & Chris said...

She is very cute! How about poka Dot. Dot for short!!!

z-silverlight said...

One of my art teachers in high school had one these little dogs. He used to follow her all over. He was allowed the run of the school. He was funny, friendly and everyone liked him. His name was, yep, "Pancho".
How about, 'Muneca'.

Pudgeduck said...

Sharon-You do have a catalog of names ready- all were cute!

Gorda- That one is pretty clever!-

Laurie-Chris- That was a good choice!
z-silverlight- Your name came in second!
They choose----DELILAH
Thanks for the input!!!!!!!!!!