Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up Time!

My little Lolly Bee loves her new hat! I've tried to get her to wear it for a cute picture, but she wouldn't have any part of it! Of course she is the boss in this family!

I finished cleaning the sweet pea bed and other flowers that were on the wane, and I harvested the last of my vegetables! This year I grew pole beans--the birds only left me a few to try--and they were good. I had quite a lot of broccoli this year. The bedding plants were mislabeled AGAIN as cauliflower--and the lone tomato plant is loaded with blooms and green fruit!

This year's cauliflower wasn't as good as last year's creamy yellow one. I'm planning on having at least 6 plants next year--if I can get something that's labeled right.

Left in the bed is Swiss chard, eggplant and artichoke. The sunflowers surrounding the bed are now over 5 feet tall.

All my annuals are still growing and looking good, although any day now they will wilt and will have to be pulled up. In their place I will plant Vinca plants that will last for all our long hot summer!

Turr Tull came out a few weeks ago and met Lolly Bee for the first time. He didn't stop eating while she sniffed around him, so I guess he likes her. I know they will become best buds!

I planted trailing rosemary on top of Turr Tull's house hoping the roots will help stabilize the dirt on top. The Gargoyle sits on the roof to keep away turtle monsters.


I'm using this post to catch up for the time that I slacked off blogging: It's been hectic here so I'll explain what's been happening.

Hubby's still in remission--another test in June and we are expecting another good report!!

My grandson's wedding was flawless! The feathers used in place of some flowers were striking-- and everyone loved it! It was a good way to save money too! My deployed grandson acted as best man in absentia. His toast to the bride and groom was recorded on video and played, and there was not a dry eye in the crowd!

I broke my camera yet again--dropping it at the wedding reception. I got smarter this time and bought insurance on my new replacement camera!

My car was towed from downtown Phoenix after it broke down in major traffic--another expense not planned for--but thankfully, I have AAA, and they towed my car home. It's still not running. Hope it's fixable.

A daughter, granddaughter and I celebrated our birthdays in March and April, and there were wedding showers, the wedding and our granddaughter's tryouts and acceptance to the University of Arizona's Pom Line! She was chosen as one of the 22 who will be on the line. Well over 150 tried out, so getting on the line is quite an honor as in incoming freshman. She's a wonderful dancer and has been at it since she was two!

I had mini school pal reunion at my home, and then a sleep over! Just like half century ago!

This month there is my granddaughter's senior graduation, party, and my pregnant granddaughter will be visiting from NC. It will be her last trip home before the new baby arrives.

I'm planning my trip to Hawaii for next month--my graduating granddaughter is being gifted the trip by her parents and all of us go along--just like when our other granddaughter graduated years ago.

After all this, and then going on our annual camping trip means that I should plan on buying all my clothes from Lane Bryant. If I could just say no--but no, I can't! I did start the Sunday morning on a diet but guess who came over on Mother's day with a homemade lemon cake!! I couldn't refuse my granddaughter--she went to a lot of trouble making it and all....


Julie said...

Hi Pudgeduck! I can't believe I missed your post somehow! You had such neat wedding festivities!!! Sorry about your car and camera!!! Your annuals look so gorgeous!!! I am also planting Vincas right now. It sure is tempting to leave them in year round!!! My eggplants and okra are still going good, and the last of the green tomatoes are hanging on for the last moments before they are all dried up! Enjoy all of the fun activities you have still to do...Hawaii sounds grand! Best wishes to hubby on staying in perfect physical health...for sure!!!!

Julie said...

P.S. I forgot to say hi to Lolly Bee!!! You are so cute playing with your new hat! Your distant cousin (back in Mexico), DOOZEY, will not wear any of her hats either! You chi chi's are just like that!!! :)