Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seven Years of Some Kind of Luck

So, after 22 years of using an inherited mirror, it slipped off the bathroom counter and broke! It was a gift to my aunt from her mother when she was a child. My aunt Lucy passed away in 1986 at the age of 86. I used it every day, just as she did. It has a wood frame and up until this date, it was very sturdy as things from the past were normally made, but glass is glass, and it breaks.

I have had a lot of major expenses these past weeks! Bad luck I guess--over $1k in car repairs, then my computer froze and I got a new laptop, lots of house repairs--on and on--and all this happened BEFORE the mirror broke! If I were superstitious, I would think I should go into hiding! And just when things started to become overwhelming for me, I started a new project! I wonder if it's a form of self punishment or a way to relieve anxiety!

I'm dumping my unused hobby room (I had delusions of grandeur, planning to spend hours in there crafting and "arting", but it was never to be.) So, I'm making the room into a proper guest room...once again! We tore out the original white carpet, now 20 years old but still white, and replaced it with wood floors to match the rest of the house.

Me and my shadow--with me every step I take!!

We are having so much fun with little Lolly Bee! She weights 1lb 3oz! She can fetch and is potty trained! Only barks when she wants to play. Loves everyone--not shy--and she is so darn cute!

Turr tull came out of hibernation for the first time this year . I fed him a few hibiscus blossoms and introduced him to Lolly. He hissed at her and she just looked at him and went off to play. I am losing a few pounds going outside with Lolly--best thing ever--I have to get off my computer quite a few times a day. We are enjoying our beautiful spring!


Julie said...

Oh, Lolly Lolly Punkin Pie! Sweet as honey!!!

Turr Tell is looking fine!

Sorry about all your sudden expenses. The wood flooring will be nice...and the guest room! Same has happened to me...twice now it has gone between a spare room, and a crafting room. Now, it has permanent boarders!!! :) I never really wanted to be in there, though...liking to be out in the house where the action is!!!

Are you still liking/using your progressives from the online store??? I broke down and bought a pair from a major eyeglass place the other day, but I was in a big hurry...I have a crack that has formed and becoming bigger each day!

Ann said...

Sorry about the repairs. I can't wait to see Lolly Bee in a few weeks!!! Stay busy! It's a good thing.

Pudgeduck said...

Can't wait to see you guys! A PROPER guest room awaits you!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- I am waiting for a new eye exam- then I will order from them again! I haven't taken them off- love them!

Julie said...

Good news re:glasses!!! You found a great place to buy from!!! Thanks!