Friday, March 4, 2011

Results Are In!!

GREAT~ Ultrasound clearly displayed that it's a GIRL!

~ My Granddaughter's Precious Moments collection~

For over 20 years I have displayed her Precious Moments collection in my Grandmother's cabinet. I started, and then added to, the various collections for each of the Grandchildren. It was agreed that I would watch over them until I deemed it was time that they could take proper care of them. Well, this collection's time has come! They are soon going to grace little Great-Granddaughter's nursery. She will be born in early August and Ryder will have a baby sister.
All this happiness has caused me to go off my diet! A box of chocolate to celebrate! I am now off the pre-wedding diet that I started yesterday in preparation for my Grandson's April wedding. He'll just have to put up with a fat grandmother in the family wedding photos!


Julie said... are cracking me up with your diet!!! You do about how I do in that department!!! Heehehee.

So happy to hear it will be a little girl!!! So exciting! What a huge collection of Precious Moments!!! They will be so sweet in the baby's room!

How is little Lolly doing???

Claude said...


and now, what are you gonna display in that cabinet?

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- Thanks! Claude_ I'm sure I'll find something hidden away!!!