Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sprinkle Review

My granddaughter is due in August and flew in from NC for her baby shower and her sister's coming graduation. Since it is her second baby we kept the party small, and called it a "Sprinkle" instead of a Shower!

After the usual gift opening, guests were able to take advantage of the latest fad--having feathers added to their hair. Even though I'm an old lady, I got some bright pink ones--but kept them kind of hidden in an under layer of hair, with just a hint of color peeking out! At this age, I can do anything I want!

The younger bunch didn't feel the need to keep the feathers subtle, and of course they looked great in all their youthful splendor. The feathers are real, and can be washed, curled and will stay in the hair for about three months unless you want to remove them.

My dancer granddaughter with her turquoise feathers.

My Sprinkle-honoree granddaughter is on the right. She kept her feathers more subtle, while her friend went all out with her turquoise and white feathers.

Another granddaughter has some multicolor feathers, which match her personality.


They say that making a decision, even a bad one, is better than making no decision at all. So, I had one of each!!


Julie said...

What a sweet time! Your granddaughters are so gorgeous!!! I saw one nurse recently who had a feather tucked under her hair as well! I thought it was so cool! I want one now!!! What are those pink wrapped things on sticks on the platter with the chocolate covered strawberries??? They look interesting!!! Did you make all those treats??? So beautiful!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie- The pink on a stick were Marshmallows!!Also had frosted covered twinkies!Got smart and bought all! Cake pops were from Starbucks-We had such a good time!