Monday, January 25, 2010

This 'N That

I'm still harvesting carrots every day! They will be gone next week and I finished the kale yesterday. I planted cauliflower, red cabbage and peas in their place. I'm loving my vegetable gardening.

This runaway sweet pea bloomed last week. The rest have a long way to catch up!

I picked one ripe tomato and have tons more!! A green pepper plant is also loaded!

The nasturtiums started blooming this week. I have two varieties in each planter.

I want out of this car seat!!!

It looks like spring has sprung in my back yard!!

Hubby has had it pretty rough the past few days. He has chemo treatments twice a week--blood tests twice a month at the lab--and at each treatment--another blood transfusion, and this will go on for 6 months, at least we hope only for 6 months. Our world changed overnight and we are so grateful that our insurance is paying for everything. And, the Dr. and labs are within 20 miles of our home, so no stress driving!


Claude said...

looks like the flowers are doing wonderful... Did you get the extra rain that Aiyana did?

Your husbands treatment sounds almost worse than the disease, but if he's determined, and you too, you'll be able to get through it. Just look at the destination and don't worry too much about the road.

Julie said...

Many, many blessings, Pudgeduck!!! I am so glad for all those wonderful things regarding your hubby!!! I pray his treatment for the 6 months will be the end of it for him...and you guys can get back to just plain old living. My Mom always says an uneventful, regular old day is such a wonderful thing...and how true, you start to see, as life goes on!!!

I love all your plants, vegies, and the nasturtiums are lovely!!!

Chris said...

I pulled my last carrot two days ago. I'll pull my peas this weekend. My nasturtiums won't flower. Not sure why. I hope the best for your husband.

Pudgeduck said...

Claude-Yes I had just as much rain as Aiyana!Just glad I don't have her size yard!!! Thanks for the encouragement.
Julie-Thanks for the blessings! Your Mom is right!! How I wish for thoses days!!