Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Gifts--26 Years Apart

My sister gave me my most favorite gift for Christmas this year. It is a hardcover book of all my blog pages!

It captured all entries I've done, including all the photos, up to Thanksgiving day. I couldn't believe I had written more than 200 posts, and it was enough to make into a book!

My next favorite gift was....

On Christmas Eve in 1983, I received the latest in communication technology--a "small" Bell Atlantic Special Edition cell phone. It was the last gift I opened, and right when my husband handed me the gift bag, it started ringing! Although the range was limited, having a cell phone was still very unusual, so I felt really cool to be one of the first to get one. I still have the phone and I'm told it might be worth a couple hundred bucks. I would like to use it again in public just to see what response I would get! (That guy on the commercial for FreeCreditReport.com uses one like it after he goes broke because of ID theft, so maybe I could pass myself off as a D-list celebrity!)

We've come a long way, baby!

Huge! In five years, we will think today's cell phones are huge.


Julie said...

I have also thought it would be so awesome to use a big cell phone like that in public! You would get a lot of smiles all around town!!!

Your new book is so amazing! I wonder how you do that? You have always posted the neatest stuff too...all of your garden, and Tur Tell, and your art projects! This is just fantastic!!! Congrats on this totally GREAT gift!!!

Aiyana said...

Love that book! I'm going to have to get one myself. I remember those phones. I didn't have one--no interest at the time, but by 1990, they were a must-have! Can't live without a cell phone now.

Claude said...

That book is wonderful! And now, you can add "Published Author" to your resume...