Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Pudgeduck's World

This is the end of the road for the Road Kill cactus. He never grew much, sorta just limply hung in there. Not sure why he died. I am just not that good with cactus. Now, Road Kill looks just like his name--road kill. Reminds me of a squished frog in the road.

I think this is the beginning of the demise of the lithops. I have kept these two out of the original five alive for 15 months and I was feeling a little cocky about it. Isn't that the way life goes? Get on top, thinking your s--- doesn't stink and then someone flushes! Seems that's the pattern with my cactus and succulent gardening.

Then, one small bloom shows up on my Gymnocalycium multiforum this week and I soar back to the top! Looks like a couple more buds are forming. It's a good thing I keep my inventory small, otherwise, I would probably go into a three month funk over all my losses!


Claude said...

poor things... I recommend a stiff drink to steady your nerves, but lately I've been looking for excuses for a stiff drink. The gymno is very nice.

Julie said...

Oh, poor Pudgeduck...I feel your pain!!! I have the exact problem with my water-loving plants...I am ready to throw the few I still have into the trash...I just don't want to deal with them!!!
Sorry about your bad fortune with your C & S...maybe Aiyana can give you help?????????????

BTW...squished frog????? Noooooooo!

Hawk woman said...

"then the toilet flushes", LOL!!!

Aiyana said...

Oh so sad! I noticed Julie mentioned I may be able to help, but nothing will revive the road kill cactus, and it looks like the lithops are gone for good. I've lost quite a few cacti this past month, not unusual for this time of year when I change the watering schedule. If we have even one day where the cactus gets any rain after I've changed the schedule, it seems to cause root rot. I have so many specimens I've decided to just let them go without worrying--survival of the fittest!

Farm Chick Paula said...

*chuckle* I know how it feels to be "flushed" lately, too!
Sorry about the road kill, but yay on the beautiful little bloom!