Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peace and Contentment are Mine!

It was another peaceful day on my swing, enjoying the flowers and the lake. I have surrounded myself with the things that I love, things that capture all that I ever dreamed of. My home and its surroundings ranks as a great source of my happiness.

The scent that emanates from the Alyssum flowers add to my comfort and the soothing atmosphere of my back yard garden! This keeps me outdoors all day.

The Snapdragons are looking good--enjoying the beautiful, sunny 6o-degree weather.

The Lavender Alyssum will soon spill over the planter wall. I think it looks especially nice when it does that.

I wasn't always so content. I became content a year after I retired. Before, I would come home from work, change clothes and run to my daughters' homes or to my friend's home. I was always restless, never feeling satisfied. Then, I planted a row of Sweetpeas. When they bloomed in Febuary, I sat on my unused-to-that-point swing, inhaling the fragrance and not wanting to leave. The magic of those tiny seeds haphazardly thrown into the soil produced such beauty that it truly transformed me! That year, I could hardly make myself go grocery shopping. I just wanted to stay home! That was the the most content, peaceful year of my life. Puttering around my small back yard and nurturing my garden is heaven on earth for me, and I never tire of writing about it, as you well know!


Claude said...

beautiful pics, and a beautiful post... It's almost as if you grew roots into the earth as the garden did. Thank you for sharing...

Aiyana said...

Now, if you just got control of that binge problem you've spoke about. Life would then be perfect!

Pudgeduck said...

Aiyana-I decided that the old saying about not teaching a old dog- well I'm OLD!!