Friday, January 16, 2009

Is This January? 76 Degrees!

My Arizona Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus has taken on this strange shape after our recent rains. Could this be a Masculana hugeinimus 'Horny'?

I just cut off five pups around this Agave. With all the rain the pups grew so large they were pushing the mother plant over. We set it upright and looks like it will be OK. This was planted in the wrong place over 17 years ago, next to a light pole and on the property line. What were we thinking? One of the things that homeowners don't consider is how big a plant or tree will get on maturity. I've seen trees planted one foot from houses. They provide instant window shade, but within a couple of years, they are leaning out from the house or pushing up eaves, and will eventually raise the foundation. At least this Agave was away from the house!

Only the top pad of my Santa Rita Prickly Pear turned the normal beautiful purple. Last year all the pads turned, but we have had a mild winter so far. Today it will be 76 degrees!

This barrel cactus is loaded with ripening fruit. Inside each fruit are hundreds of black seeds. I should sell them on Ebay.

How can I cut back the Cherry Red Lantana that's still in bloom? I can't make myself do it just yet! It should have been cut back for a spring flush. Maybe it will do just as well if I leave it alone. Only time will tell.


Claude said...

My agave needs thinned out too... it's got pups that are threatening people as they drive down the street... as for your rainbow hedgehock... I ain't saying one darned thing...

Julie said...

Oh...LOLOL!!! Your "Masculana hugeinimus" is amazing!!! It looks like such a healthy specimen!!! LOL.

I agree, I could not cut back that red lantana either!!! Beautiful!!!

Aiyana said...

I tried to find the genus and species of your hedgehog, and couldn't find anything. So then I thought I should search under the 'Horny' cultivar name. Yikes!! That was a mistake! Needless to say, I never did find that cactus. I think you should enter it in the cactus show and sale. Rember the succulent Barbie in the 2007 sale? Your specimen beats out that one for sure! LOL

Julie said...

I am curious about succulent Barbie!!!

Hawk woman said...

Oh my gosh, you did post that cactus. Too funny. Gotta love nature!!