Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Things Handed Down

This wine barrel was made by my grandfather at the turn of the twentieth century. He emigrated from Switzerland. In Switzerland he was a cooper, or wine barrel maker. My daughter likes to decorate with rustic old stuff, so she put this vignette together for a corner in her family room.

My husband made the stools from antique milk cans and tractor seats that came from the farm my grandfather homesteaded here in Arizona. The wood top is Georgia Pine from an old bowling alley that was torn down in the state of Georgia. It belonged to my son-in-law, who hauled it around for 30 years, knowing it had a special purpose.

By the time anyone reads this, I will be in Arizona cool country camping out with my family. I used the Blogger scheduler feature for the first time! Hope to get some good photos from my trip.


Claude said...

Enjoy your vacation...

I'm jealous.

Julie said...

Hope you are having fun!
Maybe the cooler air will inspire you to create something as the cool air last night here, did to me! Beautiful antiques!!!