Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Plant--Great Blooms!

I don't have a thing blooming in the garden and I don't have much else to post about. We went to Lowe's see if there were any plants that might make it in this heat. Most of the plants there were just as stressed as mine. This pink-flowered Echeveria in full bloom caught my eye and I couldn't wait to get it home! The only info on the plant said it would do well in full sun. I'm sure they didn't mean the Arizona sun! I am going to keep it inside until the temps go down. Afterwards it should do well on my east patio.

We are getting ready for a camping trip to cool Arizona country--just in time to get out of the heat! One thing about Arizona, we have all kinds of climates here, depending on the elevation, and to get to high country only takes a couple of hours. The temperatures will be at least 25 degrees cooler than the desert in the daytime, and probably 40-50 degrees cooler at night. Hopefully the monsoon will bring enough rain to green the desert while we are gone. (No chance for a cool spell though, we're in for high heat for another two months at least. After being in the cool pines, it will be hard to come home to the dry hot desert!


Aiyana said...

Don't even think of putting it in the sun! It will melt. It needs to stay in the house for sure until at least late September. If you keep it alive, you'll be doing better than me--I've never managed to grow even one of these. The flowers are gorgeous. It would be hard to resist, and I would have purchased it myself, even knowing it wouldn't make it.

Julie said...

Oh...what a gorgeous plant!!! Good luck with it! Enjoy your time in the pines! I LOVE pine trees! I am surrounded here in Georgia right now...trying to breath in the scent as long as I can!

Claude said...

here in Texas they go outside, but in Arizona... I certainly would keep it in a shade house at least. Some Echiverias are native to Mexico, and can take a little more heat, but not knowing the exact species makes it difficult to predict.

Impressive bloomer though!

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful, rich color on that bloom!