Sunday, April 20, 2008

Number Five

This is the fifth tree I have planted in my front yard over the past 16 years. I have had a multi-trunk Acacia, two other trees that I don't remember the names of, and a Weeping Acacia. In addition, I had two large Saguaro cacti. They seem to grow fine for a few years, but then unknown factors cause them die, or the wind gets them.

After the first tree blew over in a strong wind, I found out that I didn't know how to water properly. Now, I soak them overnight every two weeks to establish a deep root system. I don't have much room to plant, so I'm hoping that planting just few feet away from the last tree will make a difference. I choose the Desert Museum Palo Verde because of the fact it does not have any thorns and I will be the one to prune it. It reaches the mature height and width of about 20-25 feet. It will flower until late spring; maybe until the end of May.

I'm thinking about watering often (but deeply) to get the height I need to shade my cactus and patio area before the blazing summer sun arrives. I purchased and planted the 15-gallon tree February 15th. It has grown about a foot. At my age I don't even buy green bananas, and shouldn't buy 15-gallon trees hoping they'll mature in my lifetime!

Hopefully this Palo Verde won't be dillydallying around and will just shoot up.


Julie said...

I love your posts! You crack me up with the dilly dallying!!!

Hawk woman said...

What's Dilly got to do with your tree??? LOL

No Rain said...

Do you take a chance on three minute eggs?

Pudgeduck said...

Hawk woman-LOL
No Rain -LOL