Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perfect favorite day

Today was perfect! Clear skies, about 65ºF, wearing shorts weather, with chores finished, and an invitation to explore the desert. I could not resist! My favorite pastime is driving deep into the desert to climb the mountains and hike in the dry washes, called arroyos out here. I like to pick up rocks and old wood as embellishments for my garden, and to breathe in the fragrance of the desert flora as I gather items in hushed SILENCE.

I have a bottle of cologne (Morning Dew) that has the same scent of the desert. I found it many years ago at a western store in Wickenburg, Arizona. It's always on my gift list. On the way home from our desert wanderings, we always stop for a cheese crisp with extra hot sauce from our favorite Mexican food restaurant. It’s the finishing flourish to our fantastic, marvelous, perfect day!!!

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