Friday, September 21, 2007

Temperature below 100

I received a message today telling me to plant a few seeds. I decided to plant sweet peas (my favorite flower), Larkspur (my first time) and nasturtium. I'm using the sweet pea and nusturtium seeds I saved from last year. This will be my first time using saved seeds. My sister gathered desert bluebells,mixed poppies,and mixed penstemons seeds from her garden to share with me. I will scatter them soon. I can't wait for the cool-season annuals to show up at the nursey. Funny how a little vitamin D can bring you right out of the blues. Summers are the time when I develop the seasonal affective disorder. During the fall and winter season I stay outside most all day soaking up the rays. Happy days are here if it stays under 100 degrees!

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Gorda said...

I bought seeds today--Sacred Datura and Wild Pink Snapdragons. I have seeds left from MG and Garden Tours, so I'm going to put them in too. Still too hot for me to go out, but soon............