Sunday, September 9, 2007

Coming Out

Today I picked up a few flower seeds, garden soil, mulch and a new 50' hose for my garden. I found a clear spot in my garage to store my supplies untill the day I get a message from my subconscious telling me it's time to plant.I might feel a subtle change in the weather,or see the faint change of the shadows over the flower bed, but most likley the message will come from the Sunset magazine garden section titled WHAT TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN . How ever it comes to me I will be ready!I can't wait because for me that means COMING OUT of my summer boredom.

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Gorda said...

There is a different slant to the light that comes this time of year, when you look outside and it seems like it just HAS to be cooler, but it's not. Such a disappointment, day after day. My subconscious is telling me--and actually my conscious too-that I'm not going to spend another summer holed up in the house for 5 months. I'm just going to have to find some place else to go for those months. It's just wasting almost half my life!