Thursday, September 27, 2007


The early morning coolness is beckoning me to the outdoors, releasing endorphins, sending waves of euphoria through me and energizing me into action. I have (with help) scalped my small lawn, over seeded it with winter rye grass and covered the area with steer manure. The hardest part, though, was programming the Rain Bird watering station. Having dyslexia and transposing numbers constantly, I spent most of the day setting, resetting, resetting ......! Boredom is fading away along with the summer . With fall approaching I'm shifting towards optimism, imagining my space soon filled with an array of spectacular flowers, and green grass. My tiny vignette of happiness is being on my swing surrounded by flowers,with a mountain-lake view and a hot cup of herb tea. It's taking lessand less to keep me happy at this age. I sorta like it! Boredom? Gone for 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!


No Rain said...

It's terrible to lose 4 months of the year in one's life. I've got the same problem, but with me it's six months where it's too hot to do anything at all. Even shopping is too much. I envy the snowbirds!

No Rain said...

Too busy planting to post?

No Rain said...

Where is that post??????