Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Update

On the road coming back home from Tucson I saw this beautiful sunset. I don't take very many sunset photos as I am usually in my east-facing back yard paradise. This was a pleasure to see most of the way home.

Lolly follows me everywhere and loves smelling all the flowers in the garden. She now weights 4lbs 6 oz. Her first birthday was December 28, 2011.

Shasta daisies bloomed this week and I'm waiting for all my wildflowers to bloom!

My climbing nasturtium is loving our beautiful weather, which has been running in the high 70s.

Another great grandchild on the way! My first grandson is going to be a father! I found this cute vase at Goodwill, and added the flowers for the mother-to-be.

I pruned the grape vine (it's either a Thompson or a red flame) and made the grape wreath from the trimmings. I'm hoping this second season produce some grapes.

Here's a few things in my garden that I love:

My turtle planter that I found in Indiana about 10 years ago. Turr Tull hasn't ventured out yet to join him again. The winter has been very mild. Yesterday it was 81 degrees, warm enough for Turr Tull to wake up and join the world again!

My adorable turtle watering can.

More smiles-Hubby will be finished with his second round of Chemo in March. Only three months on this time--now the plan is to stay in remission for another year! And, another smile as I stepped on the scales today--7 pounds gone!!! Yeah!

One thing I don't like is my laptop! I barely touch anything and photos disappear, color changes, then it takes off to other websites. I need to get a wireless keyboard to go along with the wireless mouse. I should have just bought a PC. Maybe I'd post more if it wasn't such a frustration!


Julie said...

Nice to see you Pudgeduck!!! Missed you!
Your hubby is doing well! I'm so happy to hear that!

Love your climbing nasturtium...gorgeous color!

Well, will be waiting to see TurTull when he awakens again!

You know, we bought my Mom a Nook Tablet for Christmas, and she could not stand it for many of these same reasons...we had to return it!!!

I like a desktop to make comments on blogs...just a lot easier than my phone (too small and slow to type). Well, maybe it is not too late to get what you need...we sure would be happy to be able to hear from you more often!

Lolly is so cute...only half the size of my Doozey!

Paula said...

Beautiful flowers and sunset... and Lolly is such a little sweetie!
Your garden frog and Tur Tull and so cute...