Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Good Life

Clouds rolled in, but it turned out to be a beautiful day on the lake!

My veggies are doing just fine without any help from me! No weeds to pull and the sprinklers are working. I just wait for the right time to harvest. It's hard to leave the carrots alone--this baby stage is when they taste the best!!

Cabbage hasn't produced a head yet, but

the cauliflower can be picked now. However, I am waiting until I have all the ingredients for my famous eleven-vegetable organic soup. The two heads on this plant have purple streaks running throughout. Could the plant have picked up some DNA from the beet seeds that never came up last year? LOL.

Only one broccoli plant this year.

Three heads on this plant.

Ivy geranium plant has new flowers each day!

The wildflower bed is full! I planted lots of seeds--first pack didn't come out so I added another-that didn't come up fast enough for me so then one more and now it looks like they all came up! Should bloom in February, March, April, and a few in May. Can't wait to see all these!

Nasturtiums are looking good as usual. I have pots of these all over!

I'm so glad I planted a few sweet peas in a couple of pots. Something happened to the soil or who knows what, because only about 8 plants came up out of 6 packets of seeds. I always have two long beds full, hope whatever the problem is this time will resolve next season.

I added a few stocks in the sweet pea bed. I love the sweet smell mixed with the alyssum and petunias. Pretty nice life here!

Little Lolly Bee. My little girl. Kids say she has it much better than they ever did! My life sure changed after Hubby brought her home for Valentines Day. She is with me everwhere I go. She now weighs 4 lbs, 6oz.

Brox is now 4 months in this pic. She is the best little girl! Always has a smile-loves her big brother Ryder. Yes, life is good here!


Claude said...

looks like your growing good!

Julie said...

Hey I had missed this post! Wanted to tell you that your cauliflower may be turning purple due to the head being exposed to light. I have taken paperclips and bring a couple of large leaves up and over top of head and clip to keep sun off...that way it will stay white (if you care). I see there is a purple cauliflower for sale now in my market. I think your head is pretty with the streaks in it!!! :)

Brox is so cute!!!